Hitchcocks Haunted House Party

If  you could conjure up the perfect host for a haunted house party I'm quite sure Alfred Hitchcock would be high on the list - after all he was the undisputed Master of Suspense. So imagine my surprise when stumbling upon this very story....

It's 1956 and ahead of his latest film Hitch has been busy scouring New York City for the perfect spooky venue for his evening of the macabre. After failing to find a residence with a history of reported haunting's they settle for a cobwebbed townhouse situated on East 80th Street.

The evening was a scream, with gravestone shaped menus and appropriately titled dishes, such as Ghoulish Gholash, fresh cut lady fingers and corpse croquette. There was even a cake in the shape of a graveyard - complete with mourners.

The townhouse décor would make Miss Havisham jealous and the guests look decidedly like dead Victorians, you would almost think it was one of his film sets.

As you can see from the pictures, the party looks to die for...

Pictures via Life Magazine and Bowery Boys Blog


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