Brigitte Bardot - Birthday Flashback

With her 80th birthday having just passed I thought it would be a good time to look back on the early life of Brigitte Bardot when she was a brunette on the brink of stardom. 

The 1953 Cannes Film Festival an altogether more glamorous festival than today's offerings - Brigitte here looking quite demure - it was only later on that the paparazzi went wild when the outfits became more brief. 

Brigitte here still at the Cannes 1953 Festival frolicking on the beach and drawing attention via a number of colourful beach outfits, highlighting her dancer physique.

This is Brigitte riding the London tube in her mink coat in 1955 just ahead of her launch into stardom and probably the last time she could anonymously enjoy the city.

Still on her trip to London she looks down in wonder as she visits the British Museum. The statue of Ramesses II dwarfing her. 

Brigitte back in Cannes in 1956, enjoying herself barefoot along the beach. This was the year that she shot to fame with 'And God Created Woman'.

Here she visits Picasso at his studio in Cannes in 1956, whilst not brunette in this one I thought the unlikely pairing deserved an airing!


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